Blogroll 2018 - Simultaneous Article Posting

Pitz Defense Analysis, as the time goes by is indeed growing stronger and better as we keep on reporting and analysing defense-related issues based on various reputable resources across the internet being re-articulated altogether as one in the sense that it will definitely find helpful for the reader to understand the nature of various military-related activities in the sense that it enlightens us on various topic or discussions given without any disinformation where in that manner, we ensure that it is the right topic to be discussed, for more serious matters and not for sheer fanboyism or somewhat directed to unprofessional as well as biased way of seeing things.

With these, let us provide to you...the countdown for the next year's blogroll 2018!

This countdown may serve as a guide for us to do better in the sense that on that day, March 27, 2018 will be the day that simultaneous article postings and post updates may take place where it will overhaul the way information is given to the people in the sense that this may mean more years making Pitz Defense Analysis a better outlet than it is today. So in this manner, take note that on or before March 27 next year, this blogroll makes it better for us on the following years to come.


There is a certainty that the blogroll may come earlier than expected. This is, upon the discretion where conditions will be better to the advantage of this webpage as well as for the benefit of all readers and writers of this said outlet. Furthermore, it is also an imperative that in the sake of public service, things are deemed to be accomplished so as to achieve the aims given by this year's hopes and dreams. Rest assured, all will be better as greener pastures goes by hand for all...


The date will proceed as usual, while a new blogroll or sets of entries will be put on its respective schedule. Another countdown will be set and prepared as early as mid to late-April of the year. The aims of this page and the desires of the author still and definitely remains the same.

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